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Firm Introduction

Our firm has established in 2012 under the company named “Fusion Break Ltd.”. The firm is founded and led by Mrs. Laksamon Dhamminch…

About Us

Our firm has established in 2012 under the company named “Fusion Break Ltd.”. The firm is founded and led by Mrs. Laksamon Dhamminch.

Mrs. Laksamon studied law at Chiang Mai University and got her Bachelor Degree in 2004. She started her legal career as legal officer at Toyota Leasing Co., Ltd. where she gains her experience in financial law for two years.

Mrs. Laksamon has left the company to study international law at University of Technology, Sydney and graduated Master of Law in 2007. She came back to Thailand and joined McEvily & Collins Co., Ltd. as Junior Lawyer. Her enthusiasm has led her to work with DFDL Mekong Co., Ltd. as Senior Lawyer.

For five years that she practices in Phuket, Thailand, Mrs. Laksamon has become an expert in property law. As her expertise in property law has been admired and well-known, Duensing and Kippen Ltd. invited her to join their law firm as an Associate Partner.

With the intention to expand her legal knowledge to new legal practice area, Mrs. Laksamon moved from Phuket to Bangkok and accepted the work offer from Interactive Group Co., Ltd. as Legal Manager in 2012. She practices and gains her legal experiences in Corporate, Labor and Contract Law. It seems to be a right decision. In 2013, she received an honor to work for the Senate of Thailand as Subcommittee of ASEAN Law Research for Development Team.

While working for the Senate of Thailand, Mrs. Laksamon was also appointed to be Managing Director of Antares Advisory Ltd. until February 2016 to manage the firm and conduct legal practices in many areas in relation to investment of foreigners. With a lot of project achievements, she decided to leave the firm and created her own legal pathway.

Thanks to all clients and friends, Mrs. Laksamon has received many supports to run her own law firm. She works through the network of legal expertise and connected with skillful workmen. She has combined her Thai wisdom of heart and knowledge, best business connection of legal practitioners and high working experiences in the international firms.

At present, the Firm is equipped with high experiences legal team and enable to serve clients in many legal practice areas both consultation and litigation. Our firm is a licensed law firm registered with the Lawyer Council of Thailand under the Royal Patronage with the law firm registration number 9324/2560. Therefore, we are controlled by the governmental professional organization to comply with legal requirements and ethical practice. In September 2017, our law firm has changed the name from Fusion Break Ltd. to be “Lakea Destrier Co., Ltd.”

From April 2018, Khun Laksamon has been employed by Laguna Banyan Tree Ltd. which is one of the most successful property development company in Phuket as Senior Legal Manager to handle all legal matters related to property sales. Khun Laksamon has provided her legal expertise in a wide range of various property developments such as Hotel Project, Residential Condominium Project, Residential Village Project and Commercial Condominium Project. During the employment by Laguna Phuket, she has drafted and reviewed thousands of contracts, negotiated with buyers and sale agents in order to find mutual satisfaction between parties.

In early 2020, she has challenged herself again to form the Law Office based in Phuket with a good intention to convey the best legal services as she could to foreign and Thai investors as well as to take part in helping Thailand to promote the property investment through the legal vehicles available and most protected method suitable to situation and requirements of those investors where pros and con have been informed and reviewed with cares.

We are entrusted and engaged as primary legal advisor of both Thai and Foreign Companies. We use the Code of Law to handle the legal dispute but we use a trust of friendship to manage our firm. Your legal matters will be friendly taken care by professional lawyers.

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs. Laksamon Dhamminch

Managing Partner